What is the new administrative capital?


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Administrative units

Administrative units in the New Administrative Capital   JD holding introduces the finest administrative units with different space measurements that suit all preferences with utility

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JD Towers, the New Administrative Capital represents an architectural icon with multiple characteristics and uses, with an Emirate Egyptian integrated intelligence constructing a mixed-used building

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What is the new administrative capital?

Everything you need to know about the New Administrative Capital


What is the new administrative capital?

The new administrative capital is a smart city established in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is prepared to be a new capital. This project is supposed to have a population growth rate between 18 million and 40 million people by 2050, this project is expected to change the concept of Residential life in Egypt.


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New Capital Location

The new administrative capital is located after Al-Shorouk City, Madinaty, near Badr City, and in the middle of Cairo-Ain Sokhna and Cairo-Suez Road. The Suez Road is the main road leading to the New Administrative Capital until the completion of the Bin Zayed Axis. The total cost of the administrative capital is estimated at about $60 billion, which is equivalent to one trillion and 800 billion EGP. New Capital was designed in the form of green spaces linked with the neighboring governorates, with the preparation of a transportation network linking them to each other.

One of the most important transport networks is the monorail, which is being established in Egypt in order to increase the transportation network of Egypt and facilitate the movement more in a safer and more environmentally friendly manner. The monorail train links Cairo and New Cairo with the New Administrative Capital, with a length of 54 km, and contains 21 stations.


New Administrative Capital Area 

The area of ​​the new administrative capital is about 700 km, which is equivalent to the size of Singapore. New Capital will also include a park on an area of ​​8 km, which is an area larger than central park in New York two and a half times.


The most important projects of the new administrative capital

In order to support the Egyptian state to launch the administrative capital, it will contain many government headquarters, the Senate and landmarks of the region.


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  • Government District

The government neighborhood is being prepared to be one of the most important neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital, as it is expected to include the prime minister’s headquarters, along with many ministries divided into 10 groups, in addition to being next to the Parliament, the Senate, and service areas. Many ministries have already been moved to start working from their headquarters in the New Administrative Capital, such as the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Central business district

The area is located in the middle of the administrative capital and contains 20 towers with different activities such as: administrative, medical and commercial, including the iconic tower, that has now completed 95% of its construction phase and is considered the tallest tower in Africa after the Carlton Center tower in Johannesburg was the tallest tower in Africa. It is expected that the iconic tower will reach a height of 400 meters, containing 78 floors, with investments exceeding $3 billion. The tower has been divided into 40 floors for administrative activities, 30 hotel floors, and the rest of the floors will be hotel apartments, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


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  • Central Gardens Complex

The distinctive area of ​​the New Administrative Capital, extends about 1,000 acres, making it the largest man-made park. It has been divided into three sectors:

The first sector is located on an area of ​​more than 250 acres

The second sector on an area of ​​360 acres

The third sector on an area of ​​309 acres


  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque

The mosque is characterized by its unique and distinctive Islamic architectural style, and is located at the entrance to the New Administrative Capital from the middle ring road side, it was released in January 2019. The mosque was built on an area of ​​106 acres, including 2 acres, of the area of ​​the mosque building itself. The mosque can accommodate 17,000 worshipers, divided into two floors and an outdoor space.


  • Egypt’s Mosque in the New Administrative Capital

Egypt’s Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the Middle East with an area of ​​116 acres. The mosque is located on an area of ​​19,100 square meters and has 3 different main entrances. The mosque can accommodate 107,000 worshipers, divided as follows: 40,000 worshipers in the upper yard and 67,000 worshipers in the lower yard.


  •  The green river

The Green River is considered the largest country park in the world, with an area of ​​about 1,000 acres, which penetrates the administrative capital. This area is double the area of ​​Capital Park located in the British capital, London.

It is expected to establish two artificial lakes, the first will be on an area of ​​4 acres, while the second is expected to exceed 25 acres, as it will contain water games for entertainment.

The two lakes will get their water from the treated water in the Administrative Capital, and entry can be made through 36 different gates along the Green River.

It will also contain a restaurants and cafes area while providing all the possibilities for visitors to the place.


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Administrative Capital International Airport

One of the most important features of the new administrative capital, whose completion is expected to be announced soon, is the Capital International Airport. The airport will have a privileged location as it connects 4 main roads: the Suez Road – Ain Sukhna Road – the regional ring road, in addition to the middle ring road.

The airport consists of a passenger terminal with an area of ​​4,000 square meters and a main passenger terminal containing an arrival hall and a departure hall.

There is a mosque at the airport that can accommodate 550 worshipers. The airport was also equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies to keep pace with the technological development in the world.



A new increase in lands area in the new administrative capital

Major General Magdy Amin, head of the real estate sector of the Administrative Capital Company, revealed that the area of ​​the new administrative capital amounted to 237 thousand Acres, an increase of 67 thousand acres divided into 3 phases, the first phase will be on an area of ​​40 thousand acres. The second phase will be on an area of ​​18,000 acres, while the last phase will be on an area of ​​6,000 acres. The Major General also stated that the largest sector of it will be assigned to the private sector until it is developed, explaining that there is currently no intention to assign any lands on the Green River due to the determination of the price of the land, knowing that there are many investors who have revealed their intention to invest in that area and are waiting for a response. The final of the administrative capital company.