Prices of commercial units in the new administrative capital


وحدات ادارية بالعاصمة الادارية الجديدة

Administrative units

Administrative units in the New Administrative Capital   JD holding introduces the finest administrative units with different space measurements that suit all preferences with utility

شاهد المشروع


JD Towers, the New Administrative Capital represents an architectural icon with multiple characteristics and uses, with an Emirate Egyptian integrated intelligence constructing a mixed-used building

شاهد المشروع

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Prices of commercial units in the new administrative capital

Prices of commercial units in the new administrative capital


JD Holding provides a business complex Twin Tower that includes commercial, medical, & administrative units in the new administrative capital.

The Riverside twin towers are located directly at the main entrance in the heart of the downtown area of the New Administrative Capital, in front of a 90-meter-wide street intersecting with the Green River and the Bin Zayed Axis. Overlooking the Green River, The riverside twin tower is located near the Ministries Neighborhood, and the Banks Neighborhood, and is located 10 minutes away from the Administrative Capital International Airport.

Supporting real estate investment in the new administrative capital, JD Holding provides different payment plans that comply with the investor’s preferences starting from a 10% down payment with installment plans up to 10 years.

Current meter prices for commercial units in the New Capital

Commercial unit prices in the New Administrative Capital per meter vary according to the location and the activities of the building.

New Capital Business 

 Meter prices in Riverside Twin Towers’ commercial units start from:

  •       62,500 EGP/meter on the second floor.
  •       93,750 EGP/meter on the first floor.
  •       118,750 EGP/meter on the ground floor.

The price per meter for drive-thru units starts from 11,250 EGP/meter

Payment plans for the Riverside Twin Tower

Regarding the prices of commercial units in the New Administrative Capital, in the Riverside Twin Towers’ project, and the available payment plans, there are many different payment plans that match the customer’s needs and make them more interested in investing. Among the most important of these systems is the lowest down payment when contracting, which starts at 10% of the commercial unit price, as well as an installment period of up to 10 years.

Benefits of investing in commercial units in the New Administrative Capital

When anyone intends to invest in the real estate industry, the first thing that comes to his mind is choosing a suitable and vital location. The New Administrative Capital is equipped with all the services that help it ensure the success of its constructed projects, while also acquiring the required ROI as soon as possible. This is exactly what the new capital offers its investors, as it is a smart city that works with the latest technologies. 

The Egyptian government seeks to transform the new administrative capital into the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the future. Government headquarters, as well as ministries and the Council of Ministers, are scheduled to be moved there. Indeed, it did so, and the employees are expected to move to start their work in the new capital during the coming period.

There is also a new headquarters for Parliament within the Administrative Capital, in addition to a special area for international and local banks and the Central Bank. All of these projects within the Administrative Capital increase the popularity and demand for commercial businesses and the various investment activities that are now being implemented in the Administrative Capital, Which leads to an increase in the population and crowd in the city, as a result, it will increase the visitor’s traffic on the tower, which will result in faster ROI of commercial units.