JD Holding was awarded as the most luxurious real estate developer by Niche magazine


وحدات ادارية بالعاصمة الادارية الجديدة

Administrative units

Administrative units in the New Administrative Capital   JD holding introduces the finest administrative units with different space measurements that suit all preferences with utility

شاهد المشروع


JD Towers, the New Administrative Capital represents an architectural icon with multiple characteristics and uses, with an Emirate Egyptian integrated intelligence constructing a mixed-used building

شاهد المشروع

مقالات اخري

investments in the Administrative Capital

JD Holding was awarded as the most luxurious real estate developer by Niche magazine

JD Holding was awarded as the most luxurious real estate developer by Niche magazine


Niche Award


The niche annual award was initiated in 2017 by Nady Ghaly, CEO of Bebrand advertising agency and niche magazine which became the most luxurious event in Egypt winning the admiration of many. In addition, the 2018, 2019, and 2021 awards took place in the largest and most luxurious hotels in Egypt. In 2021, the niche magazine was officially granted the certification of “the most luxurious lifestyle” by its luxurious magazine.


About Niche Magazine

Niche Magazine is presented by the Bebrand advertising agency as one of the luxurious magazines that cover deluxe events. Niche Magazine is printed quarterly and distributed exclusively throughout the year at high-end locations such as hotels, VIP Lounges, restaurants, Headquarters, and airports. Inspired by the four main moods of the year, every event is represented by its theme, mood, and event goal. The Award, Summer, Business, and Christmas. Niche magazine’s main concept is to reflect an elegant and luxurious way of life that attracts the target audience which represents luxury on every page of the magazine. Niche magazine content highlights the interests of the elite society by giving elegant designs and astonishing ideas. Niche Magazine is a way to reflect our audience’s outstanding entities, achievements, and goals to the elite of the community.




Niche award 2023


As a completion of its huge success, JD Holding has been awarded as the most luxurious real estate developer in 2023 in the Niche Awards of Excellence, hosted by Niche Magazine.

As JD Holding represents a luxurious lifestyle market image, due to its constant concentration on delivering the best quality of delivery in its units, designs, and services. That appears in its project, riverside twin towers, located in Downtown, New Capital, and the distinct location connected with all main districts in the new capital and overlooking the green river, also an iconic and luxurious design with modern eye-catching characteristics. 

JD Holding is looking forward to becoming the market leader in development, management, and ownership in order to be recognized for service excellence and retailing success.