investments in the Administrative Capital


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Administrative units

Administrative units in the New Administrative Capital   JD holding introduces the finest administrative units with different space measurements that suit all preferences with utility

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JD Towers, the New Administrative Capital represents an architectural icon with multiple characteristics and uses, with an Emirate Egyptian integrated intelligence constructing a mixed-used building

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investments in the Administrative Capital

investments in the Administrative Capital

investments in the Administrative Capital

JD Holding Company aims to increase its investments in the Administrative Capital to LE12 billion during 2021, by developing a group of projects in the city and increasing its plot portfolio, said Dr. Ahmed Al-Etr, Board Chairman of JD Holding Company.

He added that a total of 10 projects are set to be finalized by the company during the current year, and a large plan has been set for obtaining additional plots, expected to be between 15 and 18 during the same year.

“The investments of the company’s JD Tower 10– the first company project in the New Capital – amounted to 4 billion pounds. The JD Tower 10 is considered the first commercial, medical and administrative tower in the NAC’s Downtown area that has been sold in full within only 10 days of its launch. The success realized in such a project prompted the company to increase its investments through offering a second project – JD Twin Towers,” the board chairman said.

He added that the ‘JD Twin Towers’ is a huge project comprising two similar towers rising up to 14 floors with a distinctive view of the Green River, enabling the company to sell 80% of its administrative and medical units.

He added that the company is currently developing an initial vision for an 80-floor-high new project in the New Capital in front of the Iconic Tower.

He revealed that the company plans also to launch new projects in the city in the Downtown area near the Monorail, the Iconic Tower in addition to the Financial and Business District.

“Despite its newness, the accumulated experience of its leadership in the market has contributed to the expansion of its investments to be risen from LE4 billion in one project to LE12 billion in several projects to be offered during the current year,” He said.

JD Holding was established recently by Jebal Real Estate Development and Abu Dhabi National Company for investment in the New Capital.

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