Administrative offices Prices in New Capital


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Administrative units

Administrative units in the New Administrative Capital   JD holding introduces the finest administrative units with different space measurements that suit all preferences with utility

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JD Towers, the New Administrative Capital represents an architectural icon with multiple characteristics and uses, with an Emirate Egyptian integrated intelligence constructing a mixed-used building

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Administrative offices Prices in New Capital

Administrative offices Prices in New Capital

JD Holding provides a business complex Twin Tower that includes commercial, medical, & administrative units in the new administrative capital.

The Riverside twin towers are located directly at the main entrance in the heart of the downtown area of the New Administrative Capital, in front of a 90-meter-wide street intersecting with the Green River and the Bin Zayed Axis. Overlooking the Green River, The riverside twin tower is located near the Ministries Neighborhood, and the Banks Neighborhood, and is located 10 minutes away from the Administrative Capital International Airport.

Supporting real estate investment in the new administrative capital, JD Holding provides different payment plans that comply with the investor’s preferences starting from a 10% down payment with installment plans up to 7 years.

Administrative offices in the new Capital

JD Holding is known for supporting the idea of ​​investing in various fields, including administrative ones, as it offers reasonable and attractive prices to investors in the administrative field, specifically the prices of administrative offices in the New Administrative Capital. However, the prices of the administrative units in Towers A and B in the New Administrative Capital certainly vary according to the location and the activities of the building. Where each building consists of 17 floors, noting that Tower B from the third to the sixth floor consists of medical units of various sizes, and the prices per meter in the Riverside Tower for medical units start from 25,000 EGP.


Riverside Twin tower Payment Plan in the New Capital

Regarding the prices of the administrative units in the New Capital, the prices of offices in the Riverside twin towers project, and the available payment plans are the lowest. Down payment starts from 10% of the price of the administrative unit and installments up to 7 years.

Benefits of investing in administrative units in the New Administrative Capital

When any person intends to invest, he has many requirements and visions, and the first thing that comes to his mind is to choose a place with a suitable and vital location that is equipped with all the services that help him succeed in his projects and also achieve the required profits as soon as possible. This is exactly what investment in the New Administrative Capital offers you, as it is considered a smart city that works with modern and advanced technological methods Which work to give investors all they need in terms of comfort and tranquility to start their projects in the capital and achieve guaranteed successes.


Investing in the New Administrative Capital is one of the most important goals for those wishing to invest in real estate turn to, because the New Capital has a very distinguished and promising future, including commercial, administrative, and medical, and this diversity was one of the most important advantages of the capital that made investors and businessmen turn to it. All of this is to reduce overcrowding in Cairo as well, to provide everyone with a stable residential life with integrated services and facilities, and to keep pace with the urban and technological development that has occurred during the recent period. The state seeks to make prices suitable for all groups and purchasing classes, in addition to providing convenient payment and installment systems.


For example, JD Holding offers administrative units in the Riverside Twin Tower with payment plans of up to 7 years to suit all the target audience wishing to invest in the long term. One of the advantages of investing in the Riverside Tower is its distinguished location next to most government headquarters, which helps in facilitating all paperwork and licensing operations required to establish a project or investment company. The prices of the administrative offices in the tower are also very suitable for investment.